Originality report

One of the biggest concerns students have when they order written products online is plagiarism.

And this concern is well-founded. Many writing sites do deliver plagiarized materials to students, as well as pieces that contain false resources or resources that are not cited properly. Instructors do have the ability to check for plagiarism and authenticity of resources quite quickly through software programs.

The consequences for plagiarism can be quite harsh – ranging from a “0” grade, to expulsion from the course, and even suspension or expulsion from the institution.


Here is how we ensure that plagiarized pieces never leave our doors

  • When a writer completes a piece, it passes immediately to our editing department. There is will be checked for plagiarism.
  • We use our own legacy software detection – software that is more sophisticate than that commonly used by institutions.
  • If the system detects that any writing already exists “out there” on the web, that sentence, paragraph or section is “flagged”
  • More analysis is then conducted on any “flagged” portion
  • If the “flagged” part is a direct quote, then we ensure that proper citation has been given.
  • Some terms and phrases are common and often used. If these are “flagged,” they are usually not an issue.

A piece of writing passes our plagiarism analysis when the generated report indicates less than 3% plagiarism. Usually, that 3% is the result of the use of common terms or phrases. This is a stricter percentage than is used by most institutions.

When our customers receive their final product, they can be certain that it is a full original.